Electro-welded rectangular and square steel tubes

Rectangular and square tube is one of the types of modern construction rolled metal products.

There are different technologies that used in production of these types of products. The first one is direct shaping of tube profile from flat blanks (strips). Due to this method manufacturers can use simple production equipment, reduce power consumption significantly and use more narrow and light blanks. All these facts result in considerable improvement of process economics. However, there are no miracles and such tubes have some disadvantages, namely: uneven distribution of stress along cross section, considerable reduction of tube body at stress concentration zones (at elbows). Thus, the products, manufactured in such way, have doubtful quality. Therefore these tubes are prohibited in many developed countries.

We use modern technology that provides for creation of evenly stressed welded round blanks of set diameter at the first stage with further secondary pressure treatment in the group of special rollers where it gets special profile cross-section of necessary size and shape. This technology allows manufacturing products that are free from above-listed defects. In accordance with standards the weld joints of tubes are subject to 100% non-destructive tests and, in some cases, thermal treatment for removal of internal mechanical stresses.

Rectangular and square tubes manufactured at our enterprise certified in accordance with international standards DIN EN 10219-1:2006.

The list of rectangular and square tubes

NameLength, mSteel grade
16х16х1.2-2.0 6 S235JRH
20х20х1.2-2.0 6 S235JRH
25х25х1.5-3.0 6 S235JRH
30х20х1.5-3.0 6 S235JRH
25х28х1.5-2.5 6 S235JRH
40х20х1.5-3.0 6 S235JRH
30х30х1.5-3.0 6 S235JRH
40х25х1.5-3.0 6 S235JRH
40х28х1.5-3.0 6 S235JRH
40х40х1.5-4.0 6 S235JRH
50х25х1.5-3.0 6 S235JRH
50х30х1.5-3.0 6 S235JRH
50х50х2.0-4.0 6-12 S235JRH
60х30х2.0-4.0 6-12 S235JRH
60х40х2.0-4.0 6-12 S235JRH
60х60х2.0-4.0 6-12 S235JRH
80х40х2.0-4.0 6-12 S235JRH
80х60х2.0-4.0 6-12 S235JRH
80х80х2.0-4.0 6-12 S235JRH
100х50х3.0-4.0 6-12 S235JRH
100х60х3.0-4.0 6-12 S235JRH
100х100х3.0-6.0 6-12 S235JRH
120х80х3.0-6.0 6-12 S235JRH
120х120х3.0-6.0 6-12 S235JRH
140х100х3.0-6.0 6-12 S235JRH

Our benefits

The availability of complete production cycle from steel coils slitting to storage facilities, arranged within entire territory of Ukraine, allows competitive price policy.

We guarantee a high quality of our products through the following:

  • Incoming inspection of purchased raw materials;
  • The use of 100% non-destructive testing with use of certified equipment of leading European manufacturers;
  • Testing of manufactured products at high hydraulic pressure;
  • Carry out entire complex of mechanical tests of heat effected zone;
  • The use of modern computerized flying saws that use cutters of Swiss firm SW-WIL for cutting of tubes;
  • The availability of software and hardware computerized package for monitoring and control of tube production process;
  • The use of multi-stage anticorrosive treatment that ensures full safety of the products even upon sea transportation;
  • The use of unique complex of management and process intraplant solutions that ensure manufacture of products with characteristics that considerably exceeds requirements of standards.

The field of use of rectangular and square tubes

Rectangular and square tube can be easily called universal construction material since you can use it in construction of fences, sheds and hand rails. More importantly, the frame of any modern building cannot be constructed without rectangular and square tube!

The examples of use of our products

Fences and gateways

Stairs and hand rails






Sports grounds